Genetically Enhanced                                                       Unglued








        Genetically Enhanced

  1. Tom O'Malley-Finkel-Harris-Smith
    Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, wondering what was going to happen when all the people with hyphenated last names start having...grandchildren?
  2. She Would Have Loved Me (52 sec, 568 kB)
    If anyone should be able to write a song of unrequited love, it ought to be me.
  3. Cheatin' Death
    I spent a number of years flying around interior Alaska in a small airplane of 1940's vintage. My most vivid memories seem to be the moments of blind terror. Pilots still occasionally disappear without a trace, and I've often thought of what it must have been like to have been a bush pilot in the 30's. If you went down then, either your fellow pilots found you or...they didn't.
  4. Mosquito Showdown
    Here's something the travel agent didn't tell your uncle Fred about Alaska.
  5. A Nice Place To Visit
    I'm sure that if I went to visit someplace like, say...Kansas, I'd probably ask some pretty dumb questions about, say...wheat.
  6. Genetically Enhanced (40 sec, 436 kB)
    Don't let anyone tell you that nature can't be improved upon.
  7. Breakup (42 sec, 463 kB)
    In town, the end of winter just means mud and dirty cars. Far from "civilization" though, it's a time of tremendous activity - animals that you almost never see are running around in broad daylight. Then...there's absolutely nothing like watching a frozen river break up. It even beats television!.
  8. Man's Best Friend
    You've probably heard all those wonderful songs about the joys of dog mushing and what noble animals they are and blah, blah, blah... Well, I had a dog team for many years. Here's the stuff they don't tell you.
  9. A Phone Message (29 sec, 312 kB)
    Isn't it nice to live in such modern times? Sarcasm? Me? Nooooo.
  10. Trapline Chatter
    Most of the radio stations in Alaska read messages to folks out mining, trapping, or fishing who don't have access to a phone. In seven years in the bush, I almost never missed "Trapline Chatter" on KJNP (King Jesus North Pole, if you're wondering). It was like reading all your friends mail.
  11. A Dirty Ditty
    A woman in the audience once asked if I knew any dirty ditties and I was mortified because I didn't know a single one. Vowing that this would never happen to me again, I went right home and wrote one. For you, Maggie.
  12. Ain't Science Amazing
    Are engineers your favorite people too?
  13. Slippery When Wet (43 sec, 460 kB)
    I usually get my best musical ideas when I'm in the shower. But actually, that's not what the title refers to.
  14. Where Will Alaska Be
    I'm not sure whether Alaska has changed more in the last fifteen years or whether it's just me. Kinda sneaks up on you either way.
  15. Duct Tape Madrigal in C major (54 sec, 598 kB)
    Someone asked me why I'd never written a song about duct tape. Seemed like a logical question.


  1. We Need To Talk

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  4. It’s Only Rocks

  5. Planet Of Ice

  6. Mother Goose Rag

  7. Happy As A Clown

  8. The Hitch-Hiker

  9. A Room With A View

  10. Chronological Blues

  11. Children Can Fly

  12. Single White Trapper