Favorite Links


Christine Lavin , who wrote the book on humorous songwriting, has also been a powerful supporter of many other performers. The greatest honor in my life was to hear myself included in the list of "Bald Headed Men" in Christine's song by the same name.

Folkmusic.org (used to be Folkbook) is the place to go to find anything or anyone in folk music.

The Canonical List Of Banjo Jokes can come in really handy when it's taking you a bit long to tune up your...banjo.

Incredibly talented Alaskan songwriters:

Robin Hopper is the But(t) Wings lady. If you'd like to know what that refers to, just ask her (but don't tell her I sent you)! Robin's songs span the widest emotional range I've ever heard. If you don't laugh and cry, you're a darn rock.

Mike Campbell's voice has been described as being like the voice of the guy from the old 1950's civil defense ads. If that makes you curious, go check out his recordings and incredible baritone voice. (He sings the low part in my Duct Tape Madrigal.)

Shonti Elder  and Will Putnam are separated by Alaska's vast geography but joined by a close musical bond evidenced in their wonderful collaborations and individual recordings. Shonti plays fiddle on many cuts on Genetically Enhanced

Libby Roderick Need faith in humanity, in yourself? Have a listen to Libby.

Kim Acuna is a powerful songwriter who represents the culmination of a long line of musical genes.

Events, Venues, & Organizations:

Alaska Folk Festival is the big one for us. It's the beginning of my year!

Anchorage Folk Festival is what we do here in the winter (lewd rumors notwithstanding).

Alaska Irish Music Festival , the brainchild of Eileen Monaghan and John Walsh is where I really learned to appreciate celtic music.

Folk Music Happenings in Alaska provides information on numerous artists, festivals, and other music happenings.